Two-pipe systems

  • What's in it for you?


  • User-friendly settings

    Setting the required pressure differential is easy. All you need is an Allen key. No special equipment, no measuring instruments and no spare parts.

    High-precision settings

    All sizes of ASV-PV pressure differential controller have a membrane specifically tailored to that size. This means that the valve controls the pressure differential very precisely and maintains it at exactly the right level.

    Additional savings

    For the ASV-PV to work correctly, an internal loss of max. 10 kPa is required, no matter what the desired pressure differential is. This is quite different from other pressure differential controllers. In many cases, this means that the pump required for the installation can be smaller.

    Protection ring

    The setting of the RA-N radiator valve can be locked with a protection ring. This avoids that individual changes will affect the flow in the entire installation.

  • Kondorosi

    Location: Budapest, Hungary

    Applied products:
    - Automatic balancing valves on risers
    - Radiator thermostats on radiators

    Technical application:
    - Two-pipe system

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