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  • Introducing Danfoss Renovation+

    Danfoss Renovation+ is a simple and cost-effective approach to boosting the efficiency of heating systems by using the latest high-performance balancing valves and temperature controllers. This offers a number of direct benefits, not least in retaining and attracting good tenants.

    Three requirements should be met to fully optimize the heating system:


  • Fully optimize the heating system by:

    by installing ASV automatic balancing valves

    - eliminating the pressure fluctuations that cause noise problems;
    - establishing a good hydronic balance to avoid the problems of uneven heating;
    - minimum inconvenience for tenants during installation;


    by installing and commissioning RA-N or RA-UN thermostatic radiator valves

    - establishing correct water flow for each radiator, reducing energy wastage;
    - providing the best possible working conditions for the thermostatic sensor;

    by installing RA 2000 or RAW thermostatic sensors

    - automatic but adjustable room temperature control;
    - easy operation;
    - energy saving by automatically closing the radiator valve at reached set temperature.


  • How do automatic balancing valves work?

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    Danfoss Commercial Controls offers high quality solutions for perfect hydronic balance and temperature control in heating or cooling installations.

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