Automatic balancing valves

  • Plug and play for balanced buildings

    Your customer needs a heating or cooling installation that functions optimally, uses as little energy as possible and, perhaps most importantly, has low operation costs. 

    To be able to offer this they need components that reduce costs and makes sure the HVAC installation doesn't generate complaints. Automatic balancing valves will help your customers save money and energy, while the indoor climate will improve significantly as well.

  • What's in it for you?


  • Less complaints

    The right balance will be there under all loads, resulting in less to no complaints.

    Better temperature control 

    With the automatic balance you will achieve better temperature control in the rooms.

    Energy savings

    No overflows will occur in the system anymore, resulting in no waste of energy.

    Save on commissioning

    There will be no measuring needed for adjustments, which will save you significantly on commissioning costs.

    Improved control quality

    Projects can be handed over in stages, so there will be no compromises on control quality.

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    Danfoss Commercial Controls offers high quality solutions for perfect hydronic balance and temperature control in heating or cooling installations.

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